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The Cervati family comes from Gavello, which is an important area for garlic production. In the ‘60s, under Fernando’s direction, the family started producing, processing and marketing garlic coming from the Veneto region.
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Very soon clients started showing their appreciation for the company, and in the’70s, the company decided to join specialized fairs. The positive feedback they received encouraged them to widen their production range.
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Starting from 1994, under Lauretta Cervati‘s direction, the company has been transforming itself and laying the foundations for a flourishing Import/Export activity. At the end of the 90s, the new plant in Villadose (not far from Rovigo) was launched.
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Powerful and highly technological machines together with new production capacity: the company is able to offer a wide range of products, with short turnaround times for the big distribution.
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Cervati is today at the heart of a dense network of contacts with countries from all over the world. Everyday, large quantities of noble garlic reach Villadose, where they are processed, to be used and eaten on our tables.