Cervati, whose founder was Fernando, dates back to when they were a family of traders native of Gavello, in the heart of the well-known typical region of the production garlic in Italy.

It is Fernando Cervati who, in 1960, started growing and processing vegetables. This family-run business then specialized itself in the production of garlic right there in the Polesine (Province of Rovigo).well-known for its long tradition of the specific nature of the product, its particular aroma and its long shelf life as well as a large cultivated surface.

The Cervati family started producing and marketing this product sustained by the appreciation of their early customers as well as the successes obtained in the various specialized trade fairs to which they took part in the seventies, gaining significant acknowledgement which led them to widen the range.

Over few years, the company, which originally produced exclusively garlic from Veneto (in particular the Polesine), orientated themselves towards looking for the product in every part of the world.

This, under the pressure of an increasingly demanding globalization but, above all, faced with the needs to ensure their customers, supply of an ever fresh product throughout the year.

These were the bases for a flourishing import-export business which has deeply changed the company over the years.

Nowadays, thanks to highly technological machinery and to a production capacity targeted in particular towards the large scale retail trade, Cervati is able to provide a wide range of packaged products and have them delivered in a very short time.